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I'll just reply to some posts before they accumulate, but keep in mind that I wont have an update till Thursday, when I may get an overworld for a hammer and a pick. Or, I try to sprite one myself if I dont get anything by then

Originally Posted by ke14nt View Post
ur the 1 who created that SG where you have to choose your starter as mew,mewtwo and the ?? pokemon.. ive been playing this game for months now and yes i have the l8test version..just waiting for the next beta 2 arrive(B6)..

can any one teach me where to find that LIPS thing (patch)..what i have was the BTAG patch thing..
Well, in my opinion (which probably is the opinion of most experienced players), starting the game with an ultra powerful legendary Pokemon is pathetic. The idea of any RPG is to grow as you progress in the game, getting stronger and better Pokemon. That's why if you find a SG hack having the legendaries as starters, you can be sure it wasnt done by me

The .ips patch is at the the bottom of this thread, then LIPS can be gotten from the following link:, and finally, if you need help in understanding how to patch, read H.Sotomura's "Before Playing a Hack" stickied thread (or PM me)

Originally Posted by ke14nt View Post
hey can some one help me??
when I've patch the bet4 bugfix and i went to Kurt he gave me the GS ball even though i haven't started the celebi event..and ive caught celebi.. now that i am doing the celebi event Kurt would not give me the Gs ball and i cant advance to the other part of hte cave b"coz the is blocking the way (girl near the shrine in the Ilex forest..) what will happen now??

and LASTLY have anyone notice the girl at the back of the pokemon center near the union cave?? my game froze when i tried talking to her..
It is my recommendation to: 1-never patch over an already patched rom and 2-avoid using older betas saved games.
Those two things will surely lead you to a lot of extra bugs that arent really bugs, simply they are changes I had to do in later releases and if you play from an older beta saved game, it wont work as fine as if you started the game from the beginning.

Which girl at the back of the Pokemon Center? I think she was one of the weekly children, and since I moved them from their original places in Gold, there shouldnt be anyone there... O.o

Originally Posted by .Aaron View Post
WRONG, You get the GS BALL then speak to ELM front...*of him*

Then you go to Kurt, and walk all the way to ILEX and to that silly route then fly back, to activate...

Ghostbuster doesn't work as of it's like a silph scope that says do OAK: Theres a time and place for this later.
Just so that we get things straight...

Gotten at Sea Cavern. Complete the Vermilion and Saffron Gyms. Call Elm on any Phone Booth. Go back to Kanto (the boat is prefered). Go to New Bark and if you called Elm previously he'll notice the ball. Now go to Kurt and he takes the ball. Walk a bunch of minutes around without interacting with anything. Go back to Kurt and he'll initiate the "usual" event, which I'm not going to mention because youtube has a lot of videos about the rest....

Go to Silph in Saffron and speak with the policeman. Go to the route below Saffron and battle Ashlee to recover the Prototipe. Back to Silph and go to the top of the building. Defeat J&J and give back the Prototype to receive the "unworking" Ghostbuster. Travel to Kanto in the way you want (if you called Elm after getting the Vermilion and Saffron's badges, you can use the boat). Go to Burned Tower and talk with Morty who'll fix the Ghostbuster. Now whenever there are ghosts blocking your way, the Ghostbuster will work and you'll battle the ghost.

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
zel, I finally went out from Victory Road, which was pretty confusing yet pretty fun...
(yet, I need to train more... )

Ashlee gave me a shock, though... As well as the fisherman with the Milotic...

Anyways, after I got out, I pressed 'A'/'Z' on this sign and this came out... :\

But it's no big deal, though...
It will return to normal after a second it poped like that.

Anyways, best of luck to both the hack and towards Uni...
Originally Posted by Teh Baro View Post
The sign script may lack a dontfaceplayer/jingle/whatever you call it (command 0x69 to be more exact).
I know this happens whenever the "location" sign shows up on top of the window, and then, before it disappears you interact with anything else that shows a message. But, I didnt know that could be fixed with the jingle command... Weird, but I'll try it (ever wonder why Nintendo put their signpost so far away from the entrance of places? )

Originally Posted by gwiz210 View Post
Does anyone have an mp3 or a link to a youtube video of the Amelia battle in lavender town?
Aint it easier to search on youtube by yourself? Try "Shiny Gold Amelia", I'm sure some videos will show up.

Originally Posted by c7777 View Post
To zel
when will kike back hacking the game?
I very want it continue.will he continue it?
if yes,I'll be very happy because I think
it is the best hack ever together shiny gold!
I quested yuu because he doesn't speak to my question
ant I hope you do.
Ehem... Please dont talk about offtopic stuff in this hack's thread. I'll reply to anything you send via PM (wait till Thursday) or use my profile if you want to talk about anything.

Originally Posted by gtab x3 View Post
this is such a newbish question but the links to download are they for psp also? because i originally found a psp download of shinygold but having trouble at last gym and there is nothing to do.
They are .ips patches to be applied to a GBA rom. If you are able to play roms on your PSP, then you'll also be able to play patched roms on it. But, I dont have a PSP so I dont know about the methods of putting and playing roms there. Dont ask me, and dont ask here about that.

Originally Posted by shadoweagle89 View Post
Bug: When you use a Ragecandybar, it says "It won't have any effect." My pokemon was more than 20 HP from full health, too.
Also, Amelia shows up outside of the Mahogany Base even if you haven't met her in Cianwood before.

Edit: Apparently its ONLY a hold item? It used to be used as a potion too.
Well, I dont remember about how the SG RageCandyBar worked anymore, but I do remember that it was supposed to work mainly as a hold item. Cannot say anything else, really.

That's it. I'm not gonna enter in the "pirated copies" topic because you all already know what I think. Dont buy them or you'll look as fools, being able to get it for free from here. So, to me, that topic is closed, move to something else, people.

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