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*kicks OOC thread for being too active xP

Just thought I'd point out that during Michel and Chelsea's duel, they made a bet where if Michel won, he'd get Chelsea's 3 map pieces, the EXACT amount the group needs to locate the secret duelling area and to pass the second round. /Battle City nostalgia

Since we need 6 and each of us already has 1, plus the 3 Michel won, we're pretty much set to move on, although I wasn't sure if you guys still wanted to tie up any subplots you're currently devising, so I left out most of the details. If it's too early, I'll just make some of the map pieces duplicates, so we still have some time to do whatever/bum around Domino.

Oh~ and just a heads up, I stopped watching GX in the middle of season 2 (last episode I saw was White Night's Dragon, or something along the lines of that) so I'm pretty much oblivious to the whole Yubel arc and any detailed info on Duel Spirits and the like. >> So excuse any future misinterpretations. I normally wiki everything that I don't understand from all of your posts anyway, but sometimes it's not enough. Of course, I could just start watching it again but I'm very very lazy and have a lot of uni work to do. Not a good combination. xP
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