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    Well done with the latest Fakemon. I'm happiest with the Arakidian. I'm not as happy with the torpedo and missile. Overall though I think I did a fine job.

    535 - Flurry: Ice/Fighting type. "This pokemon spends its time punching ice blocks into pieces. Children try making snowmen from it."
    536 - Kungfrost: Evolves from 535 at level 30. Ice/Fighting type. Good Attack. Ok P and Sp. defenses. Bad speed and Sp. Attack. "This pokemon is said to be able to hold a glacier in place. Children though still try playing with it, adding on top hats and things."

    537 - Ledyba: Bug/Flying type. "Scared of the wrold, this pokemon never leaves its swarm unless it has to. It stays in contact with the swarm using scents."
    538 - Ledian: Evolves from 537 at level 18. Bug/Flying type. "Most active during starry nights. This Pokemon's patterns change with the number of stars in the sky."
    539 - Lediaga: Evolves from 538 in an undetermined way. Bug/Flying type. Think Ledian, but with boosts all around. "They say these pokemon can communicate with stars. Lediagas are supposedly able to use the energy from the stars to power its attacks up."

    540 - Spinerac: Bug/Poison type. "This pokemon senses things through its durable web it weaves. It can stay in the same spot for days."
    541 - Ariados: Evolves from 540 at level 22. Bug/Poison type. "It can spin endless amounts of thread. Some pokemon have a hard time fighting this pokemon due the fact they can't tell which side is its front."
    542 - Arakidian: Evolves from 541 in an undetermined way. Bug/Poison type. Think Ariados, but with a major Sp. Attack boost and some other boosts in other areas. "Arakidian can see through its 7 eyes and front, and can sense energy through its hind eye. Its thread is almost as strong as steel."

    543 - Torskate: Ice/Steel type. "This pokemon glides across ice at inpressive speeds. It has issues when it falls on its side."
    544 - Misskate: Evolves from 535 at level 28. Ice/Steel type. Good attack and Speed. Bad P. and Sp. Defense and Sp. Attack. "Using its rocket booster, this pokemon moves at incredible speeds. It loses some control though going this fast and finds itself running into a lot of things.."

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