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    Originally Posted by mr.20 View Post
    Sorry..i'm me again...with another noob question...XD

    Which are the difference between‎ and‎????

    Thank you again! :D
    Q: What is SGX, and what's the difference? (C)
    A: SGX (Shiny Gold "X"), is an edited version of Shiny Gold. Its only purpose is to give a harder time to the player when battling against other trainers or leaders. It's a bit less remake this way, but it is more challenging.
    Next time do some searching, all the information (including the bugs and glitches) is in the first post. Which is Here if you still can't find it.

    All of the other ShinyGold banners

    I did not make these, but if you want to use them pm me and I'll give you the code.
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