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    1. What is Len, LenB etc. I always see them everywhere, but I never know what they mean.
    Len is used to calculate the lenght of a string, LenB does the same but it seems a bit faster..

    2. Every time I Write hex back to the ROM then it puts the data one byte ahaed or behind the actual offset. Do you know why? The code is below:
    do +1 by the offset since it begins at 0.

    3. I put cmbPoke.ListIndex, how does VB know we're talking about hex? For the pokemon numbers that is. When there aren't any hex values assigned to the Pokemon themselves?
    cmbPoke.ListIndex will result in a integer value of the item selected like if you choose the 2e in line it wil result in 2. so nothing to do with hex.

    Ex. I click Pikachu(&h19 and no. 25) how does it write 19 back to the rom when it's no. 25 on the list?
    And if your talking about the offset here well &H tells it that you are using Hex.
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