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    I'd like to point out, that while your little HEX module is handing it's easily replaceable.
    For dealing with hex values
    that reverse hex is just declaring the proper variable
    dim byte1 as byte'Handles 1 byte
    viewing with a hex editor you'll see 0x
    dim integer1 as integer'Handles 2 bytes
    viewing with a hexeditor
    04 FF

    and the one I guess that reversehex is mainly used for

    the long

    dim long1 as long'4 bytes usually for a pointer
    in a hex editor
    56 34 12 08
    Get it now?

    Readhex is simply reduced to
    dim byte1 as byte
    open filepath for binary as #1
    get #1, offset+1,byte1
    seek #1, offset+1
    get #1, ,byte1
    close #1
    for integers

    just change the byte to integer

    for long just change integer or byte to long

    to write data to a rom use put instead of get

    and to extract the address from a long
    just take the 8 off so

    make sure if you're pointing a pointer into a rom make sure to add the &H8000000


    And not bloated.
    yes, this is doge.

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