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    Sorry for not being around more yesterday, but I had some problems with the web browser (though it sounds more as if the ISP had some kind of problem and didnt allow me to open pages), so, I'll reply and talk about the update at the end of another long multi-quote post... Ready, GO!

    Originally Posted by Orangemaster View Post
    How come some shiny gold roms have diffrent graohics than others? for example, some shiny gold roms have the hero wearing goggles, but the one I have has the hero wearing noting pleas answer ASAP!
    Probably, the others are older Betas. I've decided to change the hero's overworld sprite after Beta2, maybe that's why. And I have also changed the hero's battle sprite after B4 (or was it 5? :\)

    Originally Posted by Silver Riolu View Post
    I can't wait for beta 6 to be released, maybe you could make the maps
    bigger in version 1. Because in Pokémon FRLG the maps were bigger then
    Pokémon RBY. But I'd think Shiny Gold should have bigger maps because the maps in
    Shiny Gold are the same as Pokémon GSC. In Pokémon GSC the maps are 5x.
    But in Pokémon RSE and FRLG, the maps are 7x in size. But why are you making the
    maps the same size as Pokémon GSC? :\ I'm sorry zel if you don't understand this. -.-
    I wanted to follow the same structures as the original maps had, why? maybe because it's another of my lazyness problems (yeah, most likely it's that). I'm not really a good mapper, I admit it.

    So, the maps will stay as that, if later someone wants to do something about them, as soon as I allow the hack to be "overhackeable", then you may edit as much as you wish.

    By the way, if Nintendo did change their maps size it wasnt because they wanted them to look pretty, but I have the hunch it was more like they had to in order to avoid many problems (specially related to overworlds setting)

    Originally Posted by .Aaron View Post
    Zel, will you show us a sneak peak of your secret area of Kyogre and Groudon's lair?

    Along with Rayquaza?
    You already have a good idea of where will Rayquaza be located. And, I cannot reveal anything about the other two. But, in any case, I hack as I progress and dont do stuff that will be quite ahead in the game (I'm not that anxious), when the moment to reach those place comes, I'll implement them, and probably, I wont show those events as it'll be more exciting to discover them by yourself.

    Originally Posted by Archon View Post
    Can we PLEASE have the big pokedolls like in GSC?
    Hmmmm... I dont think so. Implementing the room decoration system, although not impossible, would be extremely tiring. Anyway, wasnt that a feature only in Crystal? (dont forget this is a remake of Gold)

    Originally Posted by yoni159 View Post
    also zel do you think it's possible to add more than 168 sprites?
    if yes I'll try to add some as leganary poke sprites.
    At least when I tried to a few weeks ago, they showed on OWE but not in Advance Map nor in the rom later. Currently my answer should be: No.

    Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
    How are you gonna interpret the radio? Cuz Teachy-Tv would suit it well as you could have like a little pokemon parade while the radio's on.
    I think that it'll be something really basic. Putting radios on houses with a multi command to allow you to listen to different stations. That's as far as I'll go, probably (anything else to make it more close as in GSC would require creating something from scratch = ASM), but, in any case it's not exactly an important feature so I won't code it just yet, but it may be implemented in a later release.

    Originally Posted by wraith89 View Post
    Cool! This stuff is amazing! But just a few things. When I tried to play as the girl character, everyone refers to her as "sir" and has the same dialogue as if they were talking to the boy protagonist...
    I know about that, only that I havent pay attention to that, as a whole lot of other things.

    By the way, the Ghost->special and stuff official reply is basically what Aquillae said. I just dont want to mess with the stuff Nintendo did, it still must look a bit official (I just change some of the stuff they did that annoys me)

    Originally Posted by Aquillae View Post
    I think the DP graphics are a poor fit on this hack at best - DP and third gen have a huge difference in graphics as DP's graphics are 3D, while third gen is 2D. I actually would advocate a change in some tiles, namely the signs and the gyms, to a more fitting design.
    Still, my idea is to mix graphics from all 3 generations, that's why I add some DP graphs as well. Not like they differ that much from gen-2. If you try to convince me they look 3D, compared against a PS3 or other consoles, you'll have a hard time, let me tell you... lol

    Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
    I hope ShinyGold doesn't get any Fakemon because I want to play it on my NDS using a Flashcard...
    And I don't want a Bad Egg...
    Nah, no Fakemon's on Shiny Gold. Why would there be one, if I'm just remaking the original Gold? With the addition of Hoenn Pokemon should be enough to entertain everyone.

    Originally Posted by rooster12999 View Post
    I have looked EVERYWERE for the answer to my question yet I still cannot find it...
    How do you restart your game after beating Lance and Carlos!
    I have heard it happens to other people but no one seems to know the answer.
    I will be very grateful if someone replies, thanks!
    Close the emulator, delete any .sav or .sa1 file, avoid using the saved files as well. Open the emulator, make sure the Flash 128k option is enabled, and now start a new game again. This time the game will acknowledge your settings and it'll be able to save&load. The problem is starting the game from the beginning, but that's not my problem, it's something that has happened to me as well when I played FR.

    Originally Posted by blackshadow View Post
    Hi im new but i've been playing this game for a while now and i have one
    Queston in beta 5x can u go in mt silver and if not will it be in beta 6
    On Beta 6 you'll be able to reach up to Mt.Silver and battle Red (and have a second round against the E4)


    UPDATE: Well, the digging minigame is finally finished, after inserting the overworlds. I'll just post the link to the video and talk more about how the system works in the next post (which I'll make in a few hours tonight), I dont want to extend this post any more.
    Click Me! - Digging Minigame Video

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