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    Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
    No, it was in Gold/Silver as well.
    Ah, I see. Anyway, it doesnt change the fact that it'd be difficult to do

    Originally Posted by skarzor_x View Post
    I wonder where Fossil Cave is...
    I'll explain about how the system works at the end of this post, but about its location, where do we find Fossils usually?

    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    And about my favourite, the beautiful Scyther, it would be great if it were available in the wild, and not only in the bug-catching contest (to get one cost me a automatic everstone...)
    But, at least you got one, didnt you? In the original GSC, that was its only location so you were forced to do the bug catching contest as well, so I dont see the problem of doing it here also. Besides, that's why you also have a Scizor around, if you want Scyther, just breed (breeding should have some kind of importance in the life of a Pokemon trainer... *cough*sounded like something an anime character would say*cough*)

    Originally Posted by SilentWing View Post
    That is an absolutely ingenious implementation of the digging minigame (in your sig). Great job! It's well worth the loading time (maybe you can insert a loading message?).

    I thought about that, but since you'd have to press a button to close the message and keep loading, I wasnt sure of how much of a good idea that was. Unless we have message boxes that can be automatically closed, does anyone know or remember?

    Originally Posted by sirboulevard View Post
    Dude! The new digging mini-game looks amazing! However it left me with a question: since fossils are obviously in, how are we going to be able to revive them? After all the lab on Cinnabar Island was destroyed. Also, is the Pewter City Museum in? I hated that they closed it in GSC originally.
    Yeah, Pewter's museum is back open, and mainly it's function it's just that one: reviving the fossils. More will be talked about at the end of this post.

    Originally Posted by pokegamefreak View Post
    the mini game is so awesome, what is your next mini game going to be like
    My next mini-game is something not that interesting. But something that I wanted to do: A match-up mini-game, yeah, like the usual match-up games where you flip a card and then you have to find it's match-up, only this time, instead of cards, we'll have Pokeballs, and instead of images, we'll have Pokemon


    MINI-GAME No.2
    "The digging mini-game and Fossils Resurrection"

    Somewhere around Mt.Moon, there'll be an extra cave where a hiker will share you a hammer or a pick and you'll have the chance to hit tiles till they crumble to get items.

    Now, how does it really works? Well, both the hammer and the pick have different characteristics: While the hammer is more powerful, meaning less hits to destroy tiles, it also lasts shorter than the pick (up to 15 hits), while the pick lasts longer but it lacks power (it lasts up to 30 hits). Obviously, their sharing prices are different, so it's up to you which to pick.
    Of course, since there's also some randomization involved, during some hits, the pick may turn to be better than the hammer. But overall, the hammer is stronger.

    The game ends as soon as you've used either the 15 hits for the hammer, or the 30 for the pick. After that, the tool will break.

    Now, about the tiles, if you've watched carefully the video, then you'll have noticed that the tiles will change randomly each time you start a new mini-game. Each tile has its own "stamina", and it's related to the sprite it shows. If you see a tile that looks too weak (usually a message shows up to show it's "about to crumble"), it gives you an idea that with one or two hits (or may take more depending on the randomization) it'll be destroyed. In the other hand, rocks that look too hard (bigger rocks) may take quite a few tries till it crumbles. But, since as you hit'em, their sprite will change, you'll have an idea on how many more hits you'll need.

    What about prizes? The prizes are set as soon as the mini-game begins, and they wont change. Prizes are related to the initial tile's stamina. As a rule, tiles with higher stamina (big rocks) will lead to better prizes as they'll take more hits to be destroyed, but, it doesnt mean that only the big rocks will give you fossils. In fact, any tile may give you a fossil or two (then, someone will probably make a list, I'm sure of that >.<)
    Oh, but dont forget something! Most of the time, no prize could be assigned to the tile, meaning a waste of hits on a useless tile. That's where the fun comes in, hitting the right tile to get the prize.

    Part2-Reviving the Fossils

    Pewter's Museum will be open as soon as you solve a problem they have. Once that is finished, the reviving event will be available. It's as always, a scientist will spot the fossils and will ask you if you want to give him one (much like Kurt's Apricorn script), this time, reviving fossils activates a "timed event" so it'll really take some time to finish the process (unlike FR where you step out the lab, then back in and it was finished )

    But... This time, this scientist is a klutsy one, so he's bound to make mistakes during the process, thus making the fossils unusable. When that happens you'll have to give him another fossil and keep trying till he is sucessful (and if he'll be sucessful is setted as soon as you give him the fossil to make the event harder to be manipulated)

    That's the idea, all of the fossils (Kanto and Hoenn) can be gotten from the mini-game.

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