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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    But, at least you got one, didnt you? In the original GSC, that was its only location so you were forced to do the bug catching contest as well, so I dont see the problem of doing it here also. Besides, that's why you also have a Scizor around, if you want Scyther, just breed (breeding should have some kind of importance in the life of a Pokemon trainer... *cough*sounded like something an anime character would say*cough*)
    I love scyther you wont beat me in knowledge about him hehehe
    I know it only appeared in the contest in GSC (as well as pinsir, i think), and i actually won a contest with him, but i lost the last (of the 3) opportunities catching a lv. 13 female to B-R-E-E-D I-T , as Ditto is nowere to be found (a LOT rarer than in GSC, at least on the same place where it was, between goldenrod and the park), and i needed the silver wind scyther...
    But my suggestion only stands if u cant fix the 3-times-limit contest

    Oh so scizor's around... yup its here in the dex route 43 didnt know that...
    It'll only be a breeder and a dex filler, as ugly and slow as it is...
    Anyway i got to the end of the beta so i stoped playing it, as i want to be HUNGRY for B6, so i'll do all of that only there

    And you've changed the TM's, right? Just to be sure

    You still dont know what will you do with the FR move tutors, right? Well, how about putting the crystal move tutor, who would teach Bolt/Beam/Thrower for 4000 coins in the goldenrod GC?

    EDIT: What happened to this post? I was positivly sure i left it in page 102, it went back one page (WEIRD...) ....
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