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    Originally Posted by DARK_Wolf_Dante View Post
    Hey Zel, Im Just Wondering Id The Day/Night System Will Be In This One?
    That Day/Night System Was One Of My Favorite Features In G/S/C XD
    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    By the way, although I won't be implementing that thing now (mainly because I have other priorities, and mainly 'cause I want Tutti to enjoy the system for some time), it could be possible (according to Mastermind_X) to do a similar system in FR, although, OBVIOUSLY, won't use real time, but would use the gameplay's time in order to do the night/day. It would be something, at least (But as I said before, I'm not gonna be doing something about it, 'cause I think finishing the game comes first, then we can discuss extra features all you want)
    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Not like day/night is something that I'm frenetically looking for, I prefer to first finish the game, and then we could discuss of stuff to add to it. From the talks we had with Mastermind, the first idea is to use Gameplay time, because there isnt any kind of timer, with the weird exception of the one used in the Battle Tower events (and I doubt that would be useful for anything, but, who knows?)

    Well, I dont know. Perhaps one of these days I'll start discussing about what we could do with M_X. For now my focus is in other stuff.
    Does I even need to write a mesage? I think you just can read(-:

    @Zel: Maybe you could write a little "teaser" about your new mini region after Kanto? Just name, what's special about it, A few town names and then the sreenshot? (I know we just can use the seach botton)...
    Then you could make it like a page from a magazine?
    Or just show it here in a Quote from Carlos... Like "I came from this place, and..." or "Please visit me in next beta in..."
    Just a tiny info about it please?
    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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