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    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    And you've changed the TM's, right? Just to be sure

    You still dont know what will you do with the FR move tutors, right? Well, how about putting the crystal move tutor, who would teach Bolt/Beam/Thrower for 4000 coins in the goldenrod GC?
    Yes, I have changed them. It's not exactly the Gold's TM list, but more like a mix of the good moves from FR and the original moves from Gold.

    About move tutors, at least I know one will be placed after the next Beta, since he'll teach a move that will have a new field effect. About the rest, it is still unknown how to change the move they teach, so as long as that is unknown, I dont want to put any other move tutor.

    Originally Posted by sirboulevard View Post
    Hmm. I like the idea of a new version of "Card Flip" using pokeballs and actual pokemon. Also, I know the whole decoration thing would be hard to implement (and if you wanted to put it in i dont think anybody would mind waiting until the final version since its just a minor detail) but it would be nice. Gold/Crystal's room is too bare in game at the very least add some decor to it. Because it looks out of place if you look at Red's room he has a NES (N64 in GSC) and other little details that make the room stand out. Also, instead of decorating, the game could auto-decorate for certain events (beat the E4 and a Silver Trophy is set up in your room). But its not a big deal. Keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to Beta 6.
    After I finished the digging minigame I think the room decoration thing could follow a similar path. So, it's not like it's impossible, only quite hard (maybe harder than the digging minigame itself), that's why we'll wait for the final version, and then I'll decide what I'll do. The big problems resides more on the lack of overworlds FR has, I dont have many overworls left to use currently.

    Originally Posted by trevor813 View Post
    I say that zel should take his time with this hack and besides it really looks good im curious if ash ( red) will have the same team from crystal LOL
    In the original, it'll have the same team from Gold. On the X version, besides Pikachu, the rest of his team may be changed.

    Originally Posted by Son Sebbe View Post
    @Zel: Maybe you could write a little "teaser" about your new mini region after Kanto? Just name, what's special about it, A few town names and then the sreenshot? (I know we just can use the seach botton)...
    Then you could make it like a page from a magazine?
    Or just show it here in a Quote from Carlos... Like "I came from this place, and..." or "Please visit me in next beta in..."
    Just a tiny info about it please?
    Well, I really dont want to talk about the islands after I release the next Beta. But, just for info: Carlos does not come from there (though he'll still bother you over there), instead, a new and the last rival will show up there (some of the older rivals will stop appearing, by the way)

    That's all, I have to work on Uni stuff, so I guess I wont have too much till Thursday or something, since I'll have less time to work on hacking now.

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