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    Ok I have a problem.

    When I patch Fire Red with your patch, I start to play and I press START and The "Rom Image Crashes"

    I figured it was due to a bad Fire Red Rom, I downloaded another and the emulator started and instantly got a white screen and a message of "The Rom Image Has Crashed"

    I downloaded yet another Fire Red Rom and started it and then immediatly I pressed START and I got the message of "The Rom Image Has Crashed"

    So I figured either I am having really bad luck with downloading bad roms or it's something else I don't think I am aware of. (If it has been mentioned please forgive me for not wanting to look at 102 pages of posts or look at my screen really close and getting eye problems looking at the bug list)

    I use Nocash (The newest Freeware version) Does there have to be certain settings for it to work ?

    I use the normal Shiny Gold download(Not the hard version).

    Any Help ?
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