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    W00T!! Absolute awesomeness! The server is FINNALY working and properly! I think that we can expect almost NO problems at the moment with the server, for the time being. This means the demo will now be confirmed to come out! Another piece of great news is that Cody (or Jacksparrow) has brilliantly coded the pokedex layout, all we have to do is fill in the major scripts :). The attacks are coming along nicely now, and will be done very soon. Then major work on the battle system will begin, with probably Cody (yet again, lol) will work it as usual. He is doing most of the major things in coding at the moment, and for that I promoted him to an Administrator on the forums and game. I am trying to get the pokemaart to work, and there has been progress on that already in the 1 hour that I've been working on it.

    The problem is that I have so many small things I need to fix, for instance the chat, room transition, and tiles are all incorrect, along with having to redo ALL the mapping etc...Not fun. But I will have all of those done soon I hope. Its rather good news and I am starting to think that the release will definately be under the original 1/7/08 I was considering. Good news all around, :).

    The last major thing that I am trying to do is the entire day/night/season/weather events. This is a bit complex to put in at a stable time (not really, just a fair bit of work) so we are going to make the system REAL TIME BASED. Yes, this does fix the issue of time-zones, so you are not playing in a sunny game when its dark. The visual affects are going to be added also so it makes better screenshots.

    Updates later, thanks!
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