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    Whichu I have an idea for a new move effect
    Soapy/wet eyes
    Its the water equivalent to confusion. You have water y eyes every time you attack and depending on the variable for screen bluriness you can attack or miss and slam your face in the ground resulting in hp loss.
    Moves that cause that: Bubble,waterfall,surf

    Good or what. I have other type status ideas as well

    Ghost- Soul eater
    If the move soul eater with pp 1 and accuracy 100% gets used in a battle the whole team is cursed with the mightiest curse that makes them go loopy and drains there soul for the user of the move to gain hp. The next battle the user has if it brings a ghost out first the team gets affected automatically cause the move is so horrible you feel the effect as well.
    Dark ey?

    Psycic- Mind blower
    This status makes you go so mad that you cant stop banging your head. Its twice stronger then confusion status and the only move that makes you loopy is mind boggler which has pp5 acuraccy 50% stautsing enemy 30% chance and hp damage 100

    Dark- Eh to evil for pokemon so Ill leave it

    grass- Entaglement
    Like frozen status the pokemon cannot move. It entangles the enemy in a sinester tangling of vines and the moves that can be used for its status to take place are vine whip and frenzy plant.
    Heck with frenzy plant you might not have hp to witness the effect.

    And now for pokemon that should be made.
    1.Pachirisu evo called pachikiro
    3. Pre-evo of plusle minu thats called neutro and evoles to plusle if guy and minun if girl
    3. Dunsparce evo called Dunspanio cause spanio is greek for rare and psarce is a kind of another word for rare
    4. Arbok evo called Repive with an e at the end so its a not repiv which is viper backwards,
    5. A sun stone evo for wepinbell

    And thats all I got,