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    RPG is now up. Rejoice. xD;

    Sideeee note. I'm posting my applications here, because even though I'm still not done with Leon and Ariel, I don't want them clogging the RP

    HAHAHA Got your hopes up, didn't I? >D


    Name: Jaden Kennedy
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Time Period: Near future
    Appearance: Yes, it’s Double D, deal with it. >_>
    Jaden is an average height at 5'8", not too tall, not too short. He weighs around 116 lbs, proving that his body holds no muscle mass whatsoever. Instead, his body is merely defined, and looks to be what most would consider 'normal'. His skin is lightly tanned, a definite contrast to his golden hair. Jaden's hair is spiky and somewhat longer, falling down to just above his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing mint green hue. Should something make him blush, a dark pink will appear on his cheeks, penetrating the light tanned skin with great intensity. A smile is usually plastered onto his face, as if to alert people to the boy's personality. He wears a black hat with a pink heart sewn onto it. Jaden's torso is covered by a dark orange shirt, overtop of which he wears a white button-down tee-shirt, which hangs open. He wears midnight blue jeans. On his feet, he wears black Converse hi-tops with white trim. He wears a messenger bag slung across his chest.

    Personality: The first word most would use to describe Jaden is "nice". He's an extremely nice guy, almost to the point of being obnoxious. He used to travel across the regions with two other people, but they both became sick of Jaden's habit of stopping to help anyone in need. He's incredibly happy-go-lucky and optimistic, and always makes a point of looking on the brighter side of things. He has the ability to motivate others to do things they would ordinarily fear. He's generous and won't hesitate to share his resources with others who don't have them, even if it means he goes without (this is not true if he has a shortage of Pokémon food - he feels it isn't his to give). However, Jaden isn't perfect, not by a long shot. He can be short-tempered, especially when he feels strongly about doing something a certain way, and others disagree. This leads the blonde to make somewhat rash decisions at times, and, while he is usually the one helping others, he occasionally is in need of help himself. Unfortunately for Jaden, his name can lead to a rather feminine nickname, and, as such, he is quite sensitive about his name. This isn't the only thing he's sensitive about, as he finds himself to be shorter than most males his age. Bringing up either topic will most likely result in an angry Jaden.

    History: Jaden Kennedy grew up in future Pastoria, a city in Eastern Sinnoh. He was groomed to be a Pokémon trainer from the moment he was born. His parents weren't particularly wealthy, but they made do with what they had. His father owned a Pokémart, and his mother was a research assistant. However, due to the general increase in wealth, Jaden's family would be millionaires by present-day standards. When he was a toddler, he was pampered by the Kennedy's human servants (they couldn't quite afford to splurge and purchase the robotic ones). Most children would become lazy, but not Jaden. He was one of the most hyperactive tykes the servants had to deal with. Before he could walk, they would put him in the sandbox, along with a pail of water. While most kids would make mudpies, Jaden made mudPokéballs, and was convinced that they held Pokémon.

    As Jaden grew up, it was no different. Despite the fact that Pokémon battles were few and far between, and all the glory was upon contests, he wanted, more than anything, to train and battle Pokémon. His parents gave in to his wishes on many occasions, especially when dealing with Pokémon. However, they weren't convinced he was ready to handle a Pokémon. On his eighth birthday, they shipped him off to boarding school in Johto, a lovely school by the name of Rosewood Private Academy. It was there that Jaden learned everything he applies in battles today. Though the school appeared perfect, Jaden did encounter a bit of trouble socially. It was at Rosewood Private that Jaden met his first love...or whom he wanted to be his first love. She was a small blonde by the name of Ashley...and she crushed his heart. While she was petite and pretty, looking as sweet as can be, Ashley was anything but. When she became aware of Jaden's feelings towards her, she set out to ruin him. She had past boyfriends beat him up on multiple occasions, rearranged his room in the middle of the night, among other things. But none of these foolish tricks affected ten year old Jaden...he bounced right back and made plans to retaliate.

    It was then that he met one boy. Takuya Miyamoto. He was a relentless boy, and made sure he got Ashley back for Jaden. He never said exactly what he did, but everyone knows it was awful. The two became good friends, and, the next year, roommates, though, since there were three people to a room, they found themselves having to deal with one other boy by the name of Luke. Though neither of them had ever talked to the boy, they quickly accepted him as a second best friend. These boys went on to be his travel companions in later years. When Jaden was fifteen, it was time to graduate. He was sent back home to his parents, where they had a surprise waiting for him - a Chimchar. Jaden set off on a journey to be a Pokémon Trainer.

    It wasn't long after that he caught Totodile. While sitting by the shore, he noticed a small Pokémon floating on its back. It didn't even need to be fought, as it was too lazy to put up a fight. Jaden merely threw a Pokéball at it, and Totodile became his. With both a water and a fire Pokémon, it was easy as pie to beat Oreburgh and Eterna City gyms (though that could stem from the fact that both gym leaders' Pokémon were more suited for contests than battle). With two badges in hand, Jaden headed home to show his parents what he had accomplished. Before that, however, he took a quick detour to the Great Marsh in his hometown. After an hour of wandering about, he stumbled upon something he had never expected to see...a Bulbasaur. While Pokémon that had previously been rare, such as starter Pokémon, Dratini, and Eevee, were more common in the future, Grass Pokémon were near impossible to find. Bulbasaur was a much more difficult capture than Totodile had been, but Jaden wasn't about to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. After Chimchar had thoroughly baked Bulbasaur, the blonde lobbed a Pokéball at it, and was pleasantly surprised when he caught it. When he tried to leave, however, Jaden tripped over something and landed face down in the mud. As he dug around to see what he had stumbled upon, he pulled up what appeared to be some sort of ancient artifact...

    Jaden has not evolved any of his Pokémon, because he feels that they should have the right to choose when they evolve.

    #390 Chimchar
    Pokémon Personality: Jaden's Chimchar was his first Pokémon and, as such, is also the closest to him. He's incredibly energetic and gets overly excited whenever he is called upon in battle. It's near impossible to calm the little monkey down, and he has a tendency to go wild. Chimchar is feisty and hates to lose. He's both a sore winner and loser, and will often taunt the opponent after his victory. Despite this, Chimchar can be a very good friend, and, though occasionally annoying, is close to Jaden's other partners.

    #158 Totodile
    Pokémon Personality: Totodile is not what you'd expect. While most of his species are hyperactive and playful, Jaden's Totodile is quite laid-back and calm. He would prefer to kick back in a lawn chair with a cool glass of lemonade and sleep for the duration of the day. He's a sweet and loving Pokémon, and won't hesitate to go out of his way to help someone in need. It takes a lot to get Totodile upset, but when it happens, you can expect him to bite. Jaden used to have frequent problems with this, but Totodile does it much less often.

    #001 Bulbasaur
    Pokémon Personality: Bulbasaur is insanely jealous of Chimchar. She wants to be as close to Jaden as he is, which often results in a conflict between the two. She's hot-headed and rash, and will tackle anyone she feels gets too close to her beloved Jaden. Though Jaden will, more often than not, use Chimchar, Bulbasaur has a tendency to pop out of her Pokéball, even when not called upon. It's rare to see Bulbasaur relaxed, as she's usually picking a fight with one Pokémon or another.


    Name: Leon Morley
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Time Period: Near future
    Appearance: Click
    Leon is tall, reaching around 6'2", weighing approximately 156 lbs. His skin is a creamy white hue, the pallid skin perfect against his pale, pink lips. His eyes are hazel in color,

    Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
    History: (Don’t be generic!)

    Pokémon: #149 Dragonite
    Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
    RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)

    Name: Ariel Sutton
    Gender: Female
    Time Period:

    Personality: (Be descriptive! No two dimensional characters! Everyone has more than one aspect of their personality.)
    History: (Don’t be generic!)

    Pokémon: #452 Drapion
    Pokémon Personality: (Not required, but always a nice touch.)
    RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)

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