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I haven't posted here in ages... T_T

Well, the majority of people appear to have guessed the Pokémon correctly. The Pokémon are indeed a pre-evo of Aipom and an evo of Chatot. I present to you, Bushby and Chacaw!

Bushby Type: Normal
It has a very curious and playful personality. Its tail hasn't fully developed yet, so it uses its hands instead :P
Named after the bushbaby, a type of monkey - see here.

Chacaw Type: Normal/Flying
It keeps rhythm with others while singing using its three tails. This ensures it always sings in time.
Chacaw, and its pre-evo Chatot, are receiving a new ability (along with a few other Pokémon). It is based on the macaw, a type of brightly-coloured parrot.

Ability: Vocalist
Increases the power of the user's sound-based moves.

Well, thanks for all the ideas, they will be considered. But please refrain from making them too powerful ;)

The game has been going great, and I've scripted the intro. Here's some screens:

Boy or girl?

I've extended the name character limit to 10 letters. Evidently, this is still not enough :P

And I've added an icon of the thing being named, be it the player, the rival or a Pokémon.

And off we go on our adventure :D

Any comments?

Oh, and Lubricus, could you PM me an example of your work?