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    I've nearly finished editing the first post, so just a while longer...

    Well, I'm not too keen on the type statuses, and most of them seem a little overpowered, especially in link battles, where the user wouldn't suffer the negative effect of Soul Eater.

    As for the evos, I don't think Pachirisu needs, much less deserves, an evo. It may not be very strong compared to most Pokémon, but it is surprisingly annoying. I've seen a video where it nearly managed to take down a legendary. I don't like it anyway >:)

    I've already got an idea for a Dunsparce evo. Trust me, it looks pretty cool.

    I'm not sure about an Arbok evo. It would be quite difficult to make it look stronger than Arbok itself, yet keep the Pokémon style. As for an alternate Weepinbell evo, what would it look like?

    Finally, Plusle and Minun don't need a baby. But I will be making them more effective in battle, so Plusle/Minun fans, rejoice! :P

    And if you have more ideas, then please say!