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    Originally Posted by zeikku SSJ7 View Post
    @zel, I like what you've done since the last beta, It seems as though you never struggle with idea's , I see from your work that your very focused and that it's worth waiting for you even if you have a life to live AKA uni
    But the digging event is great, simple too
    From beta 3 (the first beta I played) I thought that this would be just a remake, But you've added a lot of originality to this.
    I love the new music, the sprites, the battles.
    I wish you the best man, keep it up.
    Yup, ideas aren't zel' problem. And will never be, as long as me and some other ppl are around...

    What will be done with the Viridian Battle House? A good idea would be to put there famous trainers absent from the game (Gabby and Ty, Archie, Maxie, Geovanni, Hoenn Gym Leaders, etc.), welll, if that isnt the objective of the Vermilion tower...
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