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    Originally Posted by choatix View Post
    More glitches...
    If you talk to the trainers on the ship, you can battle them agian, even staright after! I'm gathering this is not supposed to happen, right?
    And, I think it's the Safari Warden that has spelt a word wrong. (can't quite remember).
    What remixes are going to be in B6? There's the Cherrygrove, Tin Tower, Dark Cave, Goldenrod and the Carlos Battle Themes (both the Cyrus BM and the one when you battle at the E4... (what is that music???).
    I hope you replace the rusty bicycle and surf tunes! They sound SO much better in GSC than in FR, remixed or not! XD
    Can we get Milotic in the next beta? I WANT ONE!
    And, I lost my Jirachi! I think it turned into a Bad EGG because there were a few in my box... Luckily I could trade one over from a previous save. I've never cheated, so what is causing it... you probably don't know...
    And is that tower in Vermillion going to open up in B6?
    you forgot victory road and sprout tower AND the lighthouse, you can hear the surf theme in youtube videos clonex made(under a different youtube username) Search minutes of melodies
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