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    well, here is my sign-up for you guys to look over...

    Name: Elizabeth Maguire (Liz)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Time Period: (hopefully present, but we'll see because someone already has that time period)
    Appearance: Elizabeth stands at around 5'6", has long, dark, brown hair (to her mid-back) which she holds back with a blue bandana, but lets some hair cover her right eyebrow, then she tucks it behind her ear. Her clothing is somewhat interesting in itself: A long-sleeved, blue blouse that extends to her thighs with a grey undershirt; Long, tan dress pants that cover most of her shoes; Her shoes are high-topped, worn, black boots that she has had for at least a year. Her eyes are sharp, and a piercing-blue that seem to see the very soul of the being she looks at; Her smile is very warm, and whenever she uses it, it's usually to get something she wants, but sometimes, although rarely, she smiles because she is extremely pleased with what she just did. She has a scar over her right eyebrow from when she was little. As some might know, when young, tom-boy girls play tough, they can get really physical. She recieved it in an accident involving 3 of her brothers and a dare... enough said... some boys can be really stupid when it comes to games! Also, she has a locket with her parents' wedding picture and last picture they had taken together in it.

    Personality: Liz is what some might call... "authentically interesting", but she doens't see how. She is generous, and will offer something to someone in need even if she needs it. Although she is generous, she is very childish when it comes to boys and doesn't like to share with someone she doesn't know ( or likes)... so WATCH OUT!!! ( hehehe) She can be really fierce when it comes to protecting what she loves and what she thinks is right. She will give her life for her pokemon friends, and would't be afraid to die if she saved someone ( or something) she loved. When she was little, she was a tom-boy and loved to fight because it would make her brothers respect her, but they never did, so finally, she decided that fighting is only for when something is threatened or when something needs to be done, and no one else will do it.

    History: When Liz grew up, it was with her 8 brothers and 2 sisters in a 12 bedroom house near Pallet Town. She moved there from the Hoenn Region just shortly after being born due to a new job her father was offered ( her father is a habitat-biologist, and is very passionate about his work). Living with 10 brothers and sisters was difficult, so she usually recieved hand-me-downs from her older sisters, and never really recieved anything "just because"; No game systems; no computers; no nothin' that is more than a necessity in her parents' eyes ( money was always tight). Her mom had to stay at home because there was always kids that needed looking after, so she is closer to her mom more than she is with her dad. She never was able to spend much time with her dad before he died involving an accident related to an unexplained attack. After that, it only got worse from there. Her mom became sick, and her oldest brothers left on their pokemon journeys, so she was pretty much the one who took care of her. Not long after that, her mom died too, and their grandmother moved into their large house. Part of the house is now rented out due to the lack of income that their family had. Times were hard, but they made her a stronger person, amd that was when she started her first journey at the age of 13. She had great respect for Nurse Joy's and others who take care of the sick and old. She came across the artifact during one of her return journeys to Pallet Town. She was walking through the Vermillion Forest when she became lost, and trying to find her way out, came across a secret shrine where the artifact lay, undisturbed, as if just recently placed there. There were marking on the outside of it that she couldn't make out or understand because they were so worn.

    Name: Kirlia/ Lizzie
    Gender: Female
    Aquired: From her mother, Alaina, who caught her in her younger days.
    Personality/ History: After Liz's mother died, she was the one who conforted Liz when no one else could because she acted exactly like her mother did, due to her "Trace" ability. Ever since then, they have never been apart. She is the most caring of the whole group, and tries to help Liz make the most important, or hard, decisions with her mental telepathy. She is very protective, which isn't all that uncommon for her species, but sometimes her "traced" motherly instincts overbear her natural instincts, and that is when Liz is most comforted because it is like part of her mother still lives on, helping her along the way.

    Name: Ninetales/ Blitz
    Gender: Male
    Aquired: On her first journey through the region, she traded for him from a man, but he was a Vulpix then.
    Personality/ History: When he was younger, he was abused by the man because he wouldn't evolve. Because of that, he is very cautious around people, and doesn't trust men at all, which is a problem because Liz can't stay away from them! He is very jittery whenever a male comes around, and has attacked many people (all men) unprovoked, which is why Liz is trying to break his fears, and get him to trust again. At first, he would always stay in his pokeball and only come out if it was time to eat (typical male), but soon, after he found out that Liz wouldn't hit him, he started playing with her, and now has complete trust for her. He will give it his all when it comes to battling, especially when his oponent is male! (hehehe)

    Name: Swellow/ Tails
    Gender: Female
    Aquired: She inherited her from her father, which he left to her in his will, good thing that he had one!
    Personality/ History: Swellow is very hasty to attack, and always loves a good challenge. She is the first one that tries to battle, and if not chosen, fights with rewnewed vengeance trying to prove she has the stregnth to fight anything, although the results aren't pretty! She has a strong relationship with Blitz, and whenever free to roam about, is found sitting near him, just talking.

    Name: Wartortle/ Pulse
    Gender: Male
    Aquired: When she first started her adventure four years ago from Professor Oak.
    Personality/ History: He is still a Wartortle because he doesn't like to battle at all. The only reason he is this strong is to impress female Squirtles and Wartortles, although very unsucessful (kinda like Brock, but with less variety!). He was a little demon when she first got him, seeing as he was taken from his natural habitat. He is starting to battle, but only because Liz asks him to.

    RP Sample: (REQUIRED.)
    With the sun setting behind the trees in the clearing, and the wind blowing ever so gently, the scenery was amazing in the small clearing. In the middle of the clearing was what seemed to be a small shrine, and it was about to be disturbed. A green-white flash lit up the area, making the pokemon in or near the clearing scatter. Little did a girl, walking lost through the trees, know about what was to happen when she stepped into the clearing, when the flash blinded her. She blinked a few times, then shook her head, trying to clear her vision with no success. With nothing to do but wait, she pulled a pokeball from her belt, and released it's contents onto the grass. She couldn't see, but she knew that just in front of her was her pokemon Blitz, a fire type -- a Ninetales to be exact-- and he would protect her while she was disabled. All she could do was wait, but after what seemed like hours, and no change in her status, she decided that sleep might help, so she felt around for Blitz, and when she found him, curled up beside him, to which Blitz placed his tails over her to keep her warm.
    When she woke up, she looked around, and realised that she could see, so she jumped up, and yelled with great enthusiasm, which startled everything in the clearing, yet again! She smiled sheepishly, then took a real look at her surroundings. The small area where she had slept was located to the southern side of what looked to be an overly-large birdhouse. With extreme caution, Liz aproached it, and silently sidled up behind it. She peered around, just to be sure that no one was near, or that nothing would attack her, she started, slowly again, towards the front of the wooden structure. When she stood in front of it, she examined the double doors that were housed tightly to the front by some rusty hinges that looked too old to have been made recently. With great care, she placed her hand on a small knob that was located in the center of the inside, vertical slat of wood, and pulled. Suprisingly, the doors opened without any sound, and what she saw next surprised her...
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