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    I just found a really weird oddity that's music related.

    I'm playing the shinyX version over again. I go to Violet city, go battle Carlos and lose. then i go to the sprout tower, to do a bit of training before i battle him again, and all the sage/old men had Carlos' battle music. that's not right, is it?
    I went back to my save before i battled him, went straight to sprout tower and it was normal.
    Just thought it was worth mentioning.

    and on the note of the whole jirachi thing, i have played the game 3 times over and haven't got it yet. but i don't care, because there's already enough stuff in this game to keep me busy OTHER than jirachi.
    and is ghastly supposed to be found in sprout tower? just cus im a n00b.

    keep it up
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