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Originally Posted by ~Nevermore~ View Post
vampire krimm got it!
the programmer's gonna be back later today, he said he'll give me the screenshots then. don't worry, i'll bug him untill he does!
archayos: glitchfinder's right, the game's changed an aweful lot since the first demo. just check back a few pages to see some new screenshots
and no, there's no second demo yet, we're working on it.

in other news, nevvy's learning sugi art! you'll see artwork of the demo fakes and some other preveiws on the game's website we're making to host the demos, information, and updates on!

One thing about learning to make Sugi's: Is it the original style, the current style, or somewhere in between. (Look back at the original game art to see what I mean. The original Sugi's have been updated several times, each with a new style).

Also, are you ever going to have beta testers for your demo? Or are you doing that yourselves? Or, are you going to have the general populace beta test, by releaseing the demo in raw form?

Finally, I've been working on another forum, getting support for some scripts I'm developing. Once I get the current one straightened out, I'd like to show you, to see if you'd like to have them in the game. (I won't specify what the scripts are in this post, except to say that they are NOT specifically Pokemon related, and, when finished, will be able to be used in essentially any game) Nevermore, please PM me if you'd like to find out more, because I like this project enough that I want it to be the first to use the system I'm building.

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