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    I just got into porgramming 4 days ago so I'm new but I already have C++ down. I'm trying to learn VB and I just have a simple question about your tools(I will ask questions in the future since I'm new in this area). Do I have to use VB6 for this becuz it is very out dated and there has been many recent VBs like VB 2008 which is known as VB9? Also, its not possible for you to give us a free download of VB6 is it? (little infringement won't hurt any1) just joking.

    @all- If any1 contacts me via email I can help them get one painlessly (sorry for simple spamming and cheapAd)

    I also have another question (sorry for the double post if it shows as so and doesn't merge)...
    In the second step when entering the pokeballs I don't see where "style" is to put in the number 2. can any1 help? My tool has index, shortcut, help contextId, and negotiate position (it say none, middle, left, right) and the 4 chk offs. There's no style to writee the number 2 in. Also I have no idea as where I'm supposed to insert the list for the pokemon. Like I said before I just started with visual basic and my friend Akido said its the best for programming so here I am.
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