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Originally Posted by sirboulevard View Post
I believe that was done so that Zel can tell which trainers are the Phone # trainers. I believe itll be fixed by the final release or a later Beta. Just ignore it for now.
Probably a wise thing to do. With loads of trainers, it wouldn't be hard to forget which were for the Phone Calls and stuff. XD

Originally Posted by Sirwillis04 View Post
yes. could be that...or the fact that thinking up/remembering names for in excess of 200 trainers is a hard thing to do!
keep it up zel
Actually, past and present Pokemon games pretty much cover in excess of 300 names, so finding them wouldn't be too much trouble, but granted, recalling them wouldn't be a good idea, since, for example, I only remember a few trainers from games because they have names of people I know or they use names I've used online. XD

Though I'm not complaining; I was just mentioning it, since I wasn't sure about it. Zel's ROM is awesome; even for a BETA. Its a very enjoyable and nostalgic experience, going through Gold again, but with 3rd Generation styles. I'd guess that if and when remakes for Gold and Silver come out, I'll likely still play Zel's Version, because like Peppita said in Star Ocean, its a "fleeting vision of the future!" or something like that. A concept on top of the possible eventual remakes.

On top of that, some of the additions I've noted look pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to getting to the point where I can start picking up on those Legendaries. XD
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