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Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
I took a look, and it's pretty good so far!

By the way, if you want to change the pokemon's colors, go to 725C8-7265F. So meowth isn't green and Koffing isn't red.

For some reason, Koffing doesn't have types. So, you want to re arrange the stats starting at 383DE, each stat begins with the Pokedex number, which is most likely why it's screwing up.

BTW, I'm trapped in the bike shop, and you might want to change the items you collect along the way. I made that mistake in brown before.
Thanks. I never realized that the pokemon were different colors because I always played in the black and white version. I'm guessing the colors are in pokedex order, since meowth overwrote bulbasaur and koffing over wrote charmeleon?

Koffing does have types, but they don't show up because when I changed pokemon sprites from different versions (or it might have been ash's back sprite to prof oaks) I overwrote the data that showed the pokemon types. It occurs for every pokemon when you view their stats, but the still do have types.

What do you mean you are trapped in the bike shop, though? Do you mean the door mat is not infront of the door? I just checked and I dont know how I missed it, but thats an easy change, but the actual location for the door are the two spots to the left of the mat. If you are talking about something else, please tell me.

As for the items, I'm not sure if its necessary. I mean, the Silph Scope and Bike are the biggest items, and i think they are given at reasonable locations throughout the story.

And, ablahblah, I will fix the backsprite as soon as i can. I am not going to work on it today and I will be away all weekend, but monday, I assure you, I will fix some of the issues. Thanks for all of the help everyone. I will update the first post with the bugs.

Also, Chrona, fossils do revive. Im really not sure how long it takes, but I just loaded up my rom and I checked, and I recieved Kabuto. Unless I gave him the fossil before I made the error, it should work. its still left in the bugs, but I hope you were mistaken. Can you check once in a while and report to me if the fossil ever does get made? Thanks.
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