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Originally Posted by Thesis View Post
*smacks Icha* I am ACC, you little nutcase you. XD



Welcoming Party
Normal Spell
Hold a welcome-back party for Icha, complete with drinking games. Get him smashed on root beer, if possible, in order to gain the edge in the duel. XD

15 people show up at the maximum and I don't drink. 'Nuff said.

And wouldn't you know it, just when NiGHTS gets banned....


hmm... well, I'd comment on the Restless monsters and the revamped demons but... THERE ARE WAY TOO FREAKING MANY TO COMMENT ON AT ONCE. 0.o

AHA!!! I was right after all! =O

So instead, I'll just post a revamp of my own favorite fake set, a little at a time. :3

Yoko Yokai
Atk 1900/ Def 1000
Once during your main phase, you can tribute this face up monster to send the top card of your opponent's deck to the graveyard. If that card is a monster, inflict damage to your opponent's life points equal to the original Atk or Def of that monster, whichever is higher.

Slight mill with maybe a burn, but with Monster Reborn back there is too much of a chance to get it thrown back in your face. Heaven help you if you end up dropping Disc Commander...

Yokai Mountain
Field Spell
Once per turn, you can special summon a "Yokai" monster from your graveyard that was tributed for its own effect during your last turn. A monster summoned in this way cannot be tributed on the turn it was summoned. While you control this card, both players must play with their decks upside-down and draw from the bottom of their decks, and show each other their hands. When this card would be destroyed, you can destroy a face-up "Yokai" monster you control instead.

I don't think there's much to say here. Convulsion of Nature + Respect Play + Skyscraper 2 copy (sort of) + protection. Quite a few novelty cards would love this, including a personal like, Ominous Fortunetelling.

Yokai Karasu
Monster/Dark/Winged Beast/Effect/3*
Atk 1400/ Def 1600
During your main phase, you can tribute this monster in order to randomly select one card from your opponent's hand and place it on top of their deck. If "Yokai Mountain" is on the field, you can select the card you place on your opponent's deck instead. You cannot activate this effect if there are less than three cards in your opponent's hand.

Tomato-searchable and miniature The Forceful Sentry. Perhaps splashable in Tomato decks for hand control.

Yokai Kappa
Atk 1600/ Def 1400
By tributing this monster, you can special summon one level four or lower "Yokai" monster from your deck. A monster summoned by this effect cannot attack or be tributed on the turn it is summoned.

Eh, I'd rather go with normal searchers, I think. Even if this one has that magic 1600 ATK, searchers are a little more versatile.
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