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    Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
    It looks weird... Why would someone need a triangle piece of grass...

    EDIT: Oh, I get it.. Dimensions... Yay! First post!
    Because everyone needs triangle grass. And no, I got first post ;P

    Originally Posted by Silver Riolu View Post
    Yeah that's really good and I hope for a DP map editor soon, good luck gabe.;)
    Well you won't be seeing a map editor from PokeSpam, but I will be updating this tutorial to make it more... capable? And you will be seeing some map related tools from pokespam.

    Originally Posted by zeikku SSJ7 View Post
    This is great, it worked for me :)
    By the name I thought u meant map dimensions, not texture :P
    Hope to see a map editor soon :P
    I may just fiddle with hex for a while :P
    I kinda did... It's just the demensions of the thing the textures are assigned to, I've put different textures there.
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