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Well, we could play with the already apparent psychic capabilities on Hoothoot and Noctowl, looking at what could possibly be another Flying/Psychic Pokemon; Visiowl was one, combining Owl with Vision, but it reeks of un-originality, and it doesn't really seem to fit with the trend that Noctowl flicked up.

However, I did then think of issuing something completely random; partially modifying the word; Protostrigidae, which is one of the fossil names under "Owl" as a family, on Wikipedia, I thought of Proctowl. (simple addition of a letter, lol) Whether people see it as suitable or not, is another thing entirely, but it is a possibility; given it hasn't already been used by other Original Pokemon game makers.

But people would be advised not just to stick close to the source, but to look at what the Pokemon currently has, for a possible new evolution. Try and come up with a better name that relates to the possible powers that an evolution of Noctowl could have.

But all-in-all, saying all that, its really up to Wichu, if Wichu actually wants to include an evolutionary form for Noctowl.

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