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    Hey, I've been following this for a little while now, but I only just decided to join (I've been browsing over the manga forums a bit too) and plan to download the latest beta when I finish my college year in a few weeks. I've gotta say the more I see the more impressed I am, and I love the music remixes you've done, so keep up the good work.

    Also on the topic of the game's music, I found this a little while ago and wondered if it would be easier, harder or similar to implement.
    ww m/watc h?v=yxDQmBZQ-ak
    (without spacing)
    It looks like you've already got this theme covered, and this one was *supposedly* from R&S (by hacking it) anyway. I don't know much about hacking so I don't know if it would be already in FR&LG somewhere. Just wanted to bring it to attention incase it hadn't been before and wondered if it may help XD

    I'm amazed you managed to make a digging mini game. Will there be any other D/P/P elements in Shiny Gold eventually? Can't wait to see more
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