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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I'm not really sure I want to include hundreds of evolutions for old Pokémon. I'm pretty sure that most people here would rather see some brand-new Pokémon than evos, right?

But I'll consider the ideas anyway

Yeah; generally, the new evolutions of old are what Nintendo seem to prefer, sometimes. XD A question, though; are you planning on using the trend Nintendo have used, and create any Eevee Evolutions for your game? I'm just a little curious, because I'm.. well.. a fan of Eevee and its evolutions. XD;

Especially the possibilities of them making a Normal type evolution for it. Effectively Eevee all grown up! XDD

Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
A random update - I've just finished the Pokédex screen.

I'll probably end up changing it a bit, but this is the general gist of it.

Looking awesome; I like how it looks. 'Course, with the game still in development, things aren't always to stay as they appear, huh? XD Looking forward to seeing more on this, as it develops, Wichu.


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