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Originally Posted by wahwa View Post
Your map isnt too good because :

1.Too many flowers
2.Too many people in mountain
3.The mountain not looks natural.

You may not able you join this team.Sorry.
However,you can post new maps to apply.
The map is still being work on to become city, and right now I am going to finish fixing it. Its suppose to be one of the main battle cities or towns (depending...) and I'm still figuring out how the water field will be displayed. The map is filled with flowers to make an attraction because the town's name might change because I am looking for a name or word that has something to do with the flowers growing in heavy rainy weather. But I'll put in a new map the best I can then...

Here is the map (90% Finnish...) There is no Scripts though...
I'm back, but with changes... I'll do my best to change more often...
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