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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Wow, there's a lot of stuff here while I was gone, so now, I'll give my opinions on the stuff that called my attention:

    -The New Gym: it looks awesome after fixing the problem with the outlines ^o^
    -The past: it's just like in GSC, so not like I can say much about it... >.<
    -The rocks on the water: Looks cool.
    -Falkner's OW: It's nice, although I'm not sure about using their work so freely...?
    -The travel to the past script: just like the Blue Sea's script, so not that impressive... (alright, I know there are not many possibilities of traveling to the past events...)
    -The trainer at the Gym: Looks weird. Since you are using their old sprites for the battle, will you be using their old overworlds?

    Good to see so many updates. Looks like the next release is gonna be quite long in gameplay, I'm excited about that!
    -The new gym: Thnx ^^
    -the past: alright :P
    -the rocks on the water: Thnx ^^
    -Falkner's OW: thnx and i think so the got there credits and i think it's ok to use now ;) and if the want that i delete it then i'll delete... so easy it's :P
    -the trainer at the gym:: Well i'm not so sure about that... i've already use there old sprites (ow) and i must tell you it sucks.. really... the are like plate blades and you're gigant :P i'll try to make a new ow of the bird keeper but... i don't like it really much .. i'm not that good with OW's you see.....

    Yea it will be long... and really hard too ^^ but my hack (this one) is fantastic (but that is what i say hu :P)

    @Eeveon, ptshady: thnx ^^

    @Crazyninjaguy: Just be patiant :P

    @Ptshady (again): Lol :P then i got great new's for you there will be new updates today :P

    Zeh new update's :D + script/screens update
    Hello people let we begin with the updates :) In the first screen you'll see the newest thing :D. the new tekstbox! and a new back grond for prof.Oak in the begin :) Thnx to Styles of Beyond for making the tekstbox + making the new back ground.... And some new screens of the JESSE&JAMES script :) Thnx to Drevilg for the Jesse&james dubbel battle sprite) and again some normal new updates :) and a new screen from the past when you arived. And i've maked a new OW for the bird keeper (a little D/P style) But please tell me if you don't like the OW so i can change if it is bad .... make it short....
    Enjoy the new updates ^^
    The new Intro + inc. nieuwe tekstbox!

    Normale screen updates ^^

    Past update:

    Jesse&james script update :D

    ~Delete I'll use the OLd G/S/C ow's ^^

    That whas all people

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