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    I don't do reviews mainly because I'm too lazy to review if there's a whole stack of cards to do, but maybe I got a small bit of time today =P

    Yoko Yokai- eh more like beatstick of the theme unless we can do something with mill

    Yokai Mountain- what Icha said... just combining a LOT of effects into one card really

    Yokai Karasu- definitely has its use even without being splashed. With the field card, it's pretty deadly. Tribute it once, then it's still a fodder to protect the field card.

    Yokai Kappa- does have use above normal searchers and that is this one doesn't need to be destroyed in battle or sent to the graveyard. However, no attacking or tributing is pretty slow...

    Colossus of Gaia- interested card as I always agree that rock should stick to high def and work off of it excluding the crazy jars and stupid magnets. 4 rock monsters in graveyard takes some setup though... morphing jar does help quite a bit here

    Shifting Mosaic Jar- instant fusion?

    Card Law- Conquest: pretty fun way to punish disc commander along with keeping graveyard extremely empty by fueling it to your hand instead for whatever purpose. Muka muka will somehow like this type of thing XD;

    Equal Loss- pretty suicidal though, as we want to mill ourselves nowadays for most decks except gladiator beasts. As much as how lightsworn comes to mind, can lightsworn really play a mill deck instead with this? Hm... seems just as iffy to me like Judgment Dragon. If they milled this card down to graveyard, oops?

    Zero sum- unstoppable protector of the sanctuary type of effect. Lightsworn and gladiator beasts will feel proud running these things... kinda overpowered as it counters all the stronger theme (strong because they can draw)

    Yokai Kappa revamped- O_O; sooo, use this to start chain reaction to get all the kappas out at once, and we got 3 1600s on to the field at once... but at least it's forced to be run with the field card?

    Yokai Oni- just not worth the trouble that it's a tribute monster even with Kappa to bring it out. The effects are really subpar. Either a beatstick, a cheap terraforming or 1 turn ancient gear... most traps are solemn judgments nowadays.

    Yokai Okama- so punish dasher, monarch, DMoC and so on... it's not bad for field control if you can keep mountain alive.

    Yokai Ronin- so here it is, the CoSR abuser of the deck... Kappa tribute for Ronin, Ronin brings back Kappa. Kappa tributes for next Ronin, you get the picture... in case this 6 monster engine is consumed, luckily 6 is a bigger number than the 5 required in pot of avarice o_o

    Yokai Mountain has built in protection, and getting a Yokai monster out is not difficult at all since 1 Kappa means a field full of monsters within 1 turn. As of right now, Yokai theme is a near OTK to try to clear the field, drop the mountain, use Ronin + Kappa's tribute chain to get 2 kappa, 2 ronin and 1 Okami for a brilliant near 8000 damage right on. Okami can clear the field for the other 4 to attack too if there is someone blocking the way...

    OTK material >_<;; the revamped Kappa is obviously the source of the problem. It was too weak before, and it's too strong now...

    Vanity Punisher
    4 Star/Earth
    1400 Atk / 1800 Def

    This card cannot be special summoned. When this card battles with a monster that is special summoned, increase the Atk and Def of this card by 1500 during damage calculation.

    Pedestral of Summoning
    Continuous Spell

    Whenever a monster is special summoned, put 1 spell counter on this card. When there are three spell counters on this card, tribute this card and activate one of the following effects:
    -special summon one "Dark Magician" from your hand, deck or graveyard. "Dark Magician" is unaffected by your opponent's spell cards.
    -special summon a Spellcaster monster from your deck, and put 1 spell counter on it.