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    I made that card purely with the hope that DMOC (along with Discoboy) are gone by september! >_<!

    Pedestral of Summoning is actually really slow and not really usable, but at least that card will be a better common than the commons we get IRL anyday XD; Perhaps better if I say, 2 spell counters instead of 3?

    Jinzo Backup- I'm not sure if you know the newer Jinzo returner engine for DAD, but yeah. This will be a great part of it. Returner always blows up the Jinzo, which will always bring this out. Talk about an endless cycle of anti-trap doom o_o A darn lot of muscle too on a 1900 body.

    Psycho Voltage- suddenly even Jinzo family is highly compatible with card of safe return, which is unbelievable. You receive Jinzo with this or returner, and that works. Jinzo blows up to get the backup, which is more draw. o_o What's with PC's ability to make cards that rely on graveyard summoning (and getting screwed by Crow?)