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Originally Posted by Crazyninjaguy View Post
if you can get the snag macjine it will be amazing!!!
Plus, your description of your game is huge!
its given us a really in-depth preview of what the games gonna be like
a sprite of Wes with the snag machine is easily doable, but actually stealing a trainers pokemon mid battle isnt which is why i posted the idea above
you cant say you didnt see it because i posted 20 mins before you

oh and btw, is it just me or...
i skimmed a bit of the description and it looks like the colloseum description

btw, a feature u might wanna consider- finding out which pokemon weren't in colloseum and replace them with XD pokemon for your shadow pokemon
by XD i mean they're shadow pokemon to the point that they change physically like Lugia
or my Croconaw here

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