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    Originally Posted by Nisangorou View Post
    I've encountered 2 glitches after saving in Sprout Tower:

    1. My name (OPHELIA) has been changed to OPH.
    2. The game thinks my pokemon (Eoni the Totodile and Anorochi the Ekans) have come from trades ("Apparently met in NEW BARK TOWN", "Apparently met in Route 32 at level 8") Both now level 17 they don't obey any commands now.

    Help please?
    Wow. That is truly weird. I encountered a few glitches in sprout tower with the music and the battles. XD
    why would it think they have been traded? that is weird. hmmmmmm...perhaps restart seeing as you're not that far in the game yeah? and don't save inside sprout tower this time?

    Originally Posted by Nisangorou View Post
    Oh yes! The Jhoto, ahem, remixes are awesome. I can hear a scratchy noise behind them though. Is that supposed to happen?
    As far as i know, that's what happens with the Carlos battles, but none of the others. I think it's something to do with the volume adjustments in the actual midi file or something, but i'm not sure.
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