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Originally Posted by Nisangorou View Post
Thankyou SirWillis. I don't want to start again so I'll just wait until I get another badge so they'll obey me. :3
clever thinking...but you may need to catch some pokemon so that you have a guaranteed pokemon that obeys you...that way if you go over the level cap you wont be in the same position again. =D
it could also be something to do with the save type. but it's a bit late now

Originally Posted by Crossel View Post
Why can't Scyter evolve into scizor ? I dont wanna catcha scizor. i wanna have a scyther and then let him evolve into one =o
Or arn't so of the evolutions not done yet ? so maybe it will be in Beta 6 ? =D
Well perhaps you could catch a scizor and then breed it to get a scyther? use your initiative mate
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