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    Originally Posted by Nisangorou View Post
    I've encountered 2 glitches after saving in Sprout Tower:

    1. My name (OPHELIA) has been changed to OPH.
    2. The game thinks my pokemon (Eoni the Totodile and Anorochi the Ekans) have come from trades ("Apparently met in NEW BARK TOWN", "Apparently met in Route 32 at level 8") Both now level 17 they don't obey any commands now.

    Help please?
    This is one of those evils glitches in Shiny Gold. Zel has not figured out what causes it, but I'm sure than when he knows, he will. It happened to me in Union Cave (so I loaded a previous save (after finding my Mudkip to then before) and when I gave Kurt the GS Ball. Other glitches that Zel does nolt know what causes them are the Bad Egg glitch and some other. If possible, go back to an old save? And... does you name appear with a red arrow att eh end of it oin the start menu? That's how I found out. Choatix became Cho. It's so ANNOYING! But, hey, I save a lot. I use the SHIFT + F1 feature almost every time I battle a difficult trainer (after every move in them) and then everytime I find a pokemon I want! (even Zubat.. only because I wanted to catch it with a Luxury Ball...). My Jirachi turned into a bad egg and I was really, really annoyed! But hey, it's a game, and I just traded it to my own save file (by re-loading a previous) to the most recent. You could do that, and you pokemon would obey, but only if you had a previous save file. And make sure to save in an F1-10 slot. To link VBA, well, have 2 running and both go to the pokemon centre. Need I go on? That way, I got Jirachi back into my next save. (I found a Shiny Golbat then released Jirachi was gone so I didn't want to just carrry on from the previous save file). I talk too much... even when I write... Lol

    Originally Posted by Crossel View Post
    Why can't Scyter evolve into scizor ? I dont wanna catcha scizor. i wanna have a scyther and then let him evolve into one =o
    Or arn't so of the evolutions not done yet ? so maybe it will be in Beta 6 ? =D
    It can evolve into Scizor. With a moon stone. In Beta 5. And why do you want to catch Scyther then evolve into Scyther for? Are you that despreate for a move like Aerial Ace?

    Originally Posted by Krashman View Post
    The moonstone isn't behind the waterfall so I guess you can get it as early as surf.

    You can find a wild scizor around the lvl 20s in the area before the Lake of Rage. The bug guy is looking for it too.
    And, you can only get Scyther just before/after 3rd Badge and by 4th badge you can head over to Tojho Falls and collect the moon stone. Surf to the corner. It is there, I assure you. And about Scizor, if you do want one, a pokemon Lv20 in your party first, use repel. If you find a pokemon while it is on, Scizor WILL appear. That pokemon cannot be fainted or this won't work.

    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    STUCK WITH A SCYTHER??? R U KIDDING? scyther is much better than scizor, both on speed and looks...
    But not on attack. Lol. And it's a toss-up, keep as Scyther and have a double weakness to rock or evolve to Scizor and have an average rock damage, but double weakness to fire, thjat Scyther is also weak too. Scyther is too fragile with typing, but it is still probably better to have that Scizor. Unless you really like Scizor with one of Scyther's moves... But I'm sure no idiot would send out thier Scyther to a Golem or something anyway (if they had an option).
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