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    So far this game looks awesome but we havent really started it yet,

    You live on a small island to the west of the mainland. You have just turned 16, and you want to begin your pokemon journey, which means you need to travel to the mainland to get a pokemon from the proffessor over there,but there is a guard at the bridge blocking your way. you ask the guard if you can pass to get your first pokemon, he declines and insists you have pokemon with you, or he escorts you in a week, as travelling without pokemon is dangerous. So you decide to investigate a cave near your house until the guard can escort you. You are walking through the cave admiring all of the crystals when a Riolu jumps out! It doesn't seem to want to harm you, it looks like it wants to be your friend. you are so excited! your first pokemon! Now you can travel to the mainland! You head straight to the bridge with your new partner and the guard lets you pass, when you get to the other side, you hear an explosion like 30 bombs all going off at once, you decide to investigate. You arrive at the scene of the explosion to find 2 pokemon fighting, these are none other than dialga and palkia. but before you can do anything they warp away. An old man asks you to find dialga and palkia and return the opal stone that a mysterious organization has stolen from the top of mt.corrah! You decide to take on the old man's quest to return the opal stone, who is he? You'll find out...

    Our own wi-fi server for online trading and battling,
    A phone,
    Maybe an e-mail machine,
    All new game music,
    A new region, The region of corrah.
    Maybe some new pokemon,
    An awesome storyline!

    .:Team members needed:.
    You will need to be a fast learner as we are using RPG MAKER XP.
    I need a mapper that can work under instructions from SSBMMASTER (Cheif mapper)
    I also need some scripters and some spriters.
    I already have two team members but need more!
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