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This is the hack that Red abandoned. And yes, anyone had permission to continue it. He even said so. If you went to the scapbox and saw someone already reviving it, just note that I was working on this since February. But they still have the right to continue. Anyways...

Hack name:

Hack of:


You wake up in the morning on your tenth birthday and walk outside into the grass. Prof. Oak comes out to remind you to get a Pokemon, but a wild Pikachu attacks. He captures it and takes you to the lab. Your rival takes the Pokemon on the table before you could, so the prof. gives you the Pikachu. The rest of the story is basically like FR, except you can obtain the three starters and travel to the Orange Islands.

In Lightning Yellow DeluXe (DX), you have to do some things the hard way (ex: capture your 3 starters). But you can travel to a couple of places where you can't go in the original LY. There are also some harder battles. You will meet some of my friends, enemies, rivals, and sister (taking form as an evil Raichu XD - see attachment). Other than that, there are no differences.


Start with Pikachu
All 9 starters obtainable
Travel to the Orange Islands
Pikachu cry on title screen
Battle Jessie and James
And a few more things I can't remember right now.


Oak's back sprite is ugly.
In the beginning, there is a weedle instead of Pikachu.


Screens in DX:

Support Lightning Yellow!

by ??? (I'll find out later who made this)

HTML Code:

What's needed:
red = urgent
blue = kind of
green = very little
crossed out = not anymore

Scripter (partly inserting)
Trainer editor
Mapper for new areas


Red - for the head start
Serg!o - for the Ash trainer card sprite


Me (dragoon3) - for spriting Ash, adding events, editing trainers, etc.
cjerian - mapper for Orange Islands
Salamance09 - new beta tester
yinyangmatrix - beta tester
grenadesonfire - ideas, main beta tester


I will not post the beta for DX yet because there are too many incomplete areas all over the place and is unorganized. If you want to play it, it is on my website. Click on my username. Then select 'Visit home page!'

I do not recommend that you play past Vermilion. I still need to add events in the later areas.

Lightning Yellow beta 0.18 is under the Raichu pics.

BETA 0.19 is out!

What's new? It's a very small update with the Bulbasaur script and a couple more things I don't remember. Enjoy! (This does not count as the official second release!)
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