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Originally Posted by Onvoloper View Post
Thanks, but what If I'm trying to replace the first script? Which is what I am trying. Why can't it have the same offset, and replace the older one?

Also I found that offset in fsf, and used it in my first script, that was practically the one in the tutorial and it had the same problem until I made it like the first script in my post there.

Oki, I changed the offset of the script, and the offset of the event's script in advance map to 71A794 and it works

So how do I replace scripts offsets? :/

Also the with the script, she always says "How's Pikachu?" :/ What'd I do wrong there?
You can use the Erase Function. It is set out like this:
#Dynamic 0x800000
#Erase 0x812345 0xFF
Just change "0x812345" to the location where your script starts, and also change "0xFF" to how many bytes you want to erase. Hope that helped.

I will edit later and answer the other questions...
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