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    How many more commands are in here than in Poke script?Also, are they important commands?
    @yunghove - check the features, XSE has nearly all included though not all uses have been found, but the fact is pokewitch only had 2-5 new commands while XSE outweighs it. Yes, all commands are important, without which the game won't run proper and you won't be able to script.

    I guess I'm in the wrong section. This'll do later as I script more but is it possible for anyone to help me navigate to the ASM hack tool or to a tutorial because I can't find one. All thanks is aprreciated and sorry for the clueless spamming.
    @KanouKono - There's no such thing is a specific ASM tool, as ASM itself is unspecific, all you need is a emulator with builtin debugger(VBA-SDL-H), disassembler(VBA has one), assembler(GoldRoad, Devkit Adv, etc) and some knowledge on ASM. Then you fiddle around with it, find stuff amd modifiy it to your desire. There aren't much tutorials on ASM, google it or something, PHO has some.