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    Originally Posted by ?????????? View Post
    Can someone help me? Whenever I use A-Text and I have to re point, I do, and when I play the hacked ROM, the lines run over each other where I had to re point. And when I add text to a new sprite on A-Map, when I play the ROM, ALL the lines run over each other. HELP!
    When you put in the text, make sure to put \n to represent a new line, and \p to represent a new box. So you have to make sure the number of characters on a line fits (as well as with boxes).

    For example:

    Technology is incredible!\pYou can now store and recall items\nand POKéMON as data via PC.

    Or something like that. (that was taken from the guy outside Oak's lab)

    And also make sure that the byte space is not taken up when you make the text for the new sprite. You can use Free Space Finder to find an offset to insert the text. (Maybe I'm wrong, I don't use Advance Text, but XSE)

    Originally Posted by pretzel233 View Post
    when i click to change script... something like that ... it says no script editor defined. what does that mean? how to get an editor?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Go to Settings > Choose script editor. Then browse to the exe file of the script editor.

    Originally Posted by smballer23 View Post
    this may be a VERY newbie question, but how do u delete and add events on advance map? i know about scripting but how do i take out events i dont want?
    Originally Posted by ProtoAlex2006 View Post
    Very quick question.
    How do I remove events?
    Click the Events tab, then under Amount of Events, change the number of a certain kind of event you want. Then click Change Events.

    If you decrease any number, it will automatically delete those events which have a higher ID than the value in the thing. You can change their ID at the top of the right pane (just under the Combobox where you can select the type of event). So if you want to delete an event which has a smaller ID number than an event you want to keep, just change both of their ID numbers.

    If you increase the number, events will automatically appear at the top left hand corner of the screen.