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    It looks too clinical... Aren't Pokémon Centres supposed to look warm and inviting? And I agree with Amachi about the tables...

    But, I like the way you can see the edges of the ground floor from the floor above. It looks really nice!

    That reminds me, I've got to post one of my own :P

    Before blaming me for stealing ideas from Pokémon Raptor, I'd just like to say that I made this before OG announced that he would be including a ring menu. You can ask Archayos; I showed it to him first.

    Behold: Pokémon Amethyst's new menu system!

    It's not finished yet, as I still have placeholder icons for the Bag, PokéGear/Nav replacement, and Trainer Card. I'll probably make another Exit icon too.

    Anyway, should I keep it there, or move it to the bottom? It's currently obscuring the player :(