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To Zimvee: Oops. I meant to bring Butterfree to Level 12, but I wrote 13 on accident. Don't worry though. Since it was my mistake, I'm going to bring her to Level 13 for you, and I just updated the moves. You are all set now!

To Slave: Roger. I'll began updating momentarily.

Diegoyayi: Okay, so the Nugget Bridge is going to work like this: there is one guy who holds the "Nuggets", and players must battle through his other lackeys to get to him. At the end, he will offer for you to join Team Rocket. That choice it up to you. But, if you make your post really long you can train all of your Pokemon there, if you like. Keep in mind though that, since it isn't a special event, the experience is going to be split between. But no, you do not HAVE to fight them. Just make sure that you still only have two total posts for Route 24/25.
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