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Game name: Pokemon Global: Online
Made with: Java, using the Slick and LWJGL frameworks on the client side, Apache MINA and Simple Framework on the server side, Tiled-based mapping system
Pokemon Global is a fan-made MMORPG which is currently being developed. This game delivers an experience similar to that of the original Pokemon games, while adding cool new features, such as online battles and trading. We have further information at our website, .

Our project is unique among many in that we have a policy of openness. This means that you will be kept posted on development almost constantly. Releases come quickly as well. We also support multiple OSes in accordance with Java support. Macs and Linux computers can also run Global.

We are currently in a development stage; a public release providing 8 gyms, the whole of Johto, starter selection, wild Pokemon, catching, and chat with other players, boxes, PvP, and trade. Our next release will upgrade the UI of the game, and introduce time and possibly breeding.

You are a new trainer in a region. This can be any region in the world; the stalwart four regions are there, but later one can go to places like Fiore or Holon, among others. Your journey begins when you take your first Pokemon from the local Professor; after that, you are free to choose your destinations. People around the game world offer you quests. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve Pokemon mastery; however, there are limitless quests that can be done before that is achieved. Like many MMOs, Global does not intend to have a single, unifying plot; instead, it is subdivided into potentially dozens or hundreds of different quests, creating a diverse game experience. Even starting regions can differ between players; it is up to the trainer to choose where they want to start and end. Each player has something to do for themselves.
In special events, you can even face off against fellow trainers in tournaments, as in the Pokemon anime. Legendaries are given real legendary status, being available to only one player each. Another major part of the game experience is team play. Instead of just having a Team Rocket or Galactic to oppose, players form their own teams and face off against their rivals. Join teams/guilds ingame to cooperate with other trainers to reach the top of the Pokemon world. These can be anything you want; evil, good, or neutral, idealistic or mercenary.

In the way of media, we have several screenshots:

These are Windows screenshots, but the game also functions on Mac OS X and Linux. More are available at, on the forums and the main site.

Also, here's a video one of our members came up with that I thought would be fun to post: (this is not meant to be an ad video XD)

Current Features (0.5 / beta 5):

* Twelve starters from four different regions
* Part of the Johto region, stretching from New Bark Town to Route 31
* Money system which can be used to purchase PokeBalls
* Pokemon storage system (*new*)
* Full screen and nicer UI
* Catching wild Pokemon in routes
* Battling Pokemon for experience and money
* Ability to level up, evolve and learn moves
* A Pokemon-style, massive multiplayer game world
* Chat system allowing interaction between players
* Highly accurate battle system, based on Shoddy Battle engine (though not all details such as EVs, stats, and natures are visible to the user
*The ability to enter buildings and caves(only some unimportant route interiors and Mt. Mortar and Whirl Islands aren't completely accessible yet)
*Trainer NPCs challenge you to a battle now if you walk into their range
*Background music for the start screen, battles and maps(only one music type for each, more will be added later!)
*You can jump down ledges now to get back more quickly!
*Your badges are being listed in your Pokegear (although without an icon)
*Swimming on water by pressing the shift button on your keyboard - But you need at least four badges!
*Our Terms of Service are displayed on registration
*Tab and Enter work in the login screen
*Badge checks: You need a minimum amount of gym badges to enter certain places - They are worth collecting now!
*Fleeing mechanics: If your Pokemon is not much faster than the wild Pokemon, fleeing from wild battles won't work all the time
*All of Johto
*Right now, almost all moves and Pokemon are implemented in code

Leadership - Fshy, Ryan, Viride
Developers - Pivot, ZombieBear, Ryan
Web - Fshy, Ryan
Forum Management - Viride
Graphics - Dragina, Psycho
Scenario - Oblivion, Pruv, DoZiGuy54, Rukario
Mapping - lastplacer

How to Help:
We can always use some:

* Java developers
* Mappers
* Other (contact us with whatever you think you can contribute)

If you're interested, PM Fshy/post a thread on Global forums or reply here.

Web Resources and Downloads:
We have a small web site under construction at . The current version is available in the download section or at . The demo is mainly a proof of concept for what we are developing.

Note that there is also a game called Pokemon Global Revolution. This is also made under our banner, but it is offline and done in RPG Maker. We plan to introduce some common elements between them. Some of you may recall seeing this before. I decided to repost after some time because we'd made such radical progress.