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    Are those tiles ripped, or customed? They're nice. :o Even if they don't really feel like your usual Pokemon Centre.
    I think there needs to be a darker line where the wall meets the floor, because they're similar shades. The grey around the pink seat would be a suitable divide.

    I'm not so sure about the menu, but I'm not a fan of ring menus so all I can really say on the concept is not to use it ^^;.
    I would get rid of the bevel/gradient though, unless you've got a similar effect on other menus and stuff, otherwise it'll seem a little inconsistent. I've noticed you do have a slight shine on some battle graphics, but the shine here is too faint, not crisp like in battle.
    (I need to think up an interesting menu myself... but I might wait for the pause-infront-of-trainer bug to be fixed...)