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Ya know, I'm glad Rosaline is back as it's been a while since we last heard of her. However, ouch on her death. Was amused though of Olivia wanting to sell some of her body parts. XD Not only Roslaine died, but also Mercury and Tybalt! =O Man, three people died in one chapter? That's unexpected. Also, there are a couple of scenes that brought a smile to my face.

"Yeah, man!" Rosencrantz said. "Join Montague, get girls!"

"What?" Guildenstern reached up to smack Rosencrantz on the side of the head. "Idiot! What's she look like? A lesbian?"
Aw, poor Viola. I bet she's speechless of that comment, huh? XD Also, this reminds me of this one Simpsons episode in which Lisa was dreaming that she was meeting some women and they keeping saying join this college and you'll experience this. XD Not sure if you seen that episode, though. ;

Four men dropped from their perches onto four Capulets, and four Capulets went down under their weight. Tybalt spun around to face his struggling comrades, just in time to feel Mercury's fist collide with the side of his head. Following his master's example, Ambipom tensed one of his tails, balling its end up into a tight fist that swung around and collided with the shoulder of the houndoom.
Really love this part because of trainer and Pokemon doing the same thing. XD

The only thing I want to say is I felt you left the Ambipom and Houndoom in the open, since there was no clear winner mentioned nor anyone stopping them. Then again, everyone was in shock of Mercury and Tybalt's death.

In short, quite like this chapter a lot and can't wait to see what happens next. :D
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