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    Matthew Silver

    Location: New Bark Town

    Character Info
    Player: Sean
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Birth Date: September 13th 1992

    Appearance: About 5”5 and slim Light brown hair. He usually wears simple denim jeans and a white brand name T-shirt. Despite spending a lot of time outside playing different kinds of sports and games Matthew possesses a very light skin tone. He has a decent number of freckles covering mostly his face and arms. Matthew has a large nose and ears for his head size and his limbs appear quite large compared to the rest of his body.

    Personality: There are two completely different sides to Matthew, He is very timid and shy around new people, when he tries to be formal he often can’t put his thoughts to words and comes across as very timid. However then there is the cocky side that we see when he is doing any kind of competing especially when he’s around his friends. Matthew rarely lets any emotions show on his face and he cops some criticism from his peers at being too serious. Despite this inside he is a very optimistic person and does get very emotional inside but has simply developed a very serious exterior. Matthew is susceptible to the occasional emotional explosion.

    History: Matthew was born in New Bark Town and apart from the occasional holidays to olivine and Cianwood, he has practically never been out of New Bark. Matthew’s father left on a research trip many a year ago and to this day, Matthew’s mother never speaks of him. Matthews early childhood was an interesting one, because of the lack of a father he was often very emotional and was bullied during the ages of about 9-12. This is the most likely reason that he now has developed a serious exterior.

    Matthew's interest in pokemon was sparked by an interesting occurence just after his 15th birthday. While he had always been a little interested in pokemon he had no real ambition to become a pokemon trainer. Matthew had a dream about his father in a strange place. Incredibly when Matthew woke up the next morning he turned on the television and what did he see but the strange place from his dream. It was an advertisement about pokemon trainers collecting the 8 Johto badges and then facing up against the elite four. Matthew decided that even if it wasn't a sign about meeting his father it must be some kind of sign telling him that he should become a pokemon trainer

    Pokemon Info

    Level: 5
    Type: Fire
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Blaze
    Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
    Nature: Mild
    Obtained: Recieved as a starter from Professor Elm.

    Inventory Info
    Cell Phone
    Pokedex: Useful for retrieving information on all 251 Pokemon.
    Pokeballs (x5): Used to catch weakened wild Pokemon.