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    Lucius Jericho

    Location: New Bark Town

    Character Info
    Name: Lucius Jericho
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lucius towers over most children due to his impressive height of 6 feet. At the same time, he packs an impressive body of muscle and agility. His exact weight is unknown, but he at least weighs 200 pounds. From top to Lucius' appearance is fairly varied.

    His head is clearly defined by the mess of bright blonde hair. The hair seems out of control, forcing itself into any direction it wants to. His eyes lack any noticeable color and as a result take the form of two black holes leading to nowhere. His face itself is stern and serious, however always seems to have a smirk giving anyone looking at him mixed messages.

    The rest of Lucius' body is covered by a brownish outfit. He wears a thin light brown hoodie over a black sleeveless shirt. The hoodie possess a pokeball symbol on left chest region as well as his back. On his belt, Lucius has a utility pocket, which is fairly large and holds various survival tools. Lucius also owns a backpack which isn't particularly large but it is enough to get the job done. His pants are dark brown, which their length hits the ground and generally cover the white shoes with a red outline. His clothes appear to be expensive and high quality.

    Personality: Despite Lucius serious face and cold eyes, Lucius is a man of near absence of those qualities. Lucius is surprisingly carefree, enjoying the freedom he recently acquired from leaving his home of Kanto. However, he is used to standards that extremely high, especially from himself and his pokemon, therefore he pushes himself and others. The pushes are never strict and militaristic, but rather ones that are intended to inspire one to do better. Lucius is confident he can achieve these standards, but he never seems cocky about, preferring to be mellow and calm. He doe not contain ridiculous amounts of energy, but rather remains cool about everything, especially when in large groups.

    History: Lucius' family never stayed in one place for a long time, moving from region to region every few years. He lived with his father and two younger sister and as a result of his father's occupation as a corporate head, ended up taking care of everything. He developed a rough relationship with him and his family and as a result found comfort in attending school. In school, he was the perfect individual and the envy of everyone. He held high marks, performed well in sports (football, basketball, baseball, pokemon), and had all the girls in school. Lucius, however, found the greatest enjoyment in hanging around in nature with the wild pokemon during any time he had to himself, usually late at night. This process continute from every region starting with Hoenn, to Sinnoh, and most recently Kanto. Lucius orignally had intended on leaving his family on a pokemon adventure however, he was late in receiving a pokemon, a pokedex, and everything else. Lucius was informed that in Johto pokemon were being handed out. Immediately, Lucius demanded to go towards his father. His father originally protested in great rage, but saw his son's determination. Giving him money and supplies, his father allowed him to go to Johto borrowing a pokemon to surf to New Bark Town.

    Pokemon Info

    Level: 5
    Type: Fighting
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
    Attacks: Tackle, Helping Hand, Fakeout
    Nature: Hardy

    Obtained: Recieved as a starter from Professor Elm.

    Inventory Info
    Pokedex: Useful for retrieving information on all 251 Pokemon.
    Pokeballs (x5): Used to catch weakened wild Pokemon.
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